Monday, May 6, 2013

Add Events to Google Calendar from Gmail

Scheduling events in Google Calendar will now be easier than ever if you happen to spend most of your time on Gmail. When you receive an email with a date/time reference, Gmail will now detect it's a date (underlining it with a light color) and allow you to quickly add it to your scheduled events.

To ensure you won't be overbooked, it will even show you a preview your schedule for the day, so you can see if there's something already scheduled for that same day/time - and allow you to quickly tweak the time so you can fit it in your schedule.

As a last "nice touch", the newly created event will include a link to the originating email, so you can easily keep track of things and quickly find out relevant information. It's a nice improvement to the "create event" option we already had on Gmail, but that forced us to blindly input the date and time manually. For now this new feature is only available for US english users.

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