Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Google Glass on a Field Trip to CERN

Google's Glass may suffer from many limitation inherent to a first generation device that is still being "explored" to see how it can best fit our needs and our world (a basic interface, lousey battery life, etc.) But even so, it doesn't stop us from imagining the kind of things that it makes possible, as perfectly illustrated by Andrew Vanden Heuvel, a physics teacher that uses the internet to reach schools and students that otherwise wouldn't have access to these classes.

Andrew uses his Google Glass to take us on a real trip around the LHC on CERN, and although his passion for physicis and teaching making him a great teacher whether he was using Glass or not - one can't stop but wonder just how much of our society it might end up changing.

With everyone connected, wouldn't it make total sense for students and teachers to be able to connect whether they're on the same room or continents apart? How about seeing just how "one day in the life" of a people in another country is? Glass may be looked upon as placing your digital world in front of your eyes... but in the process it may very well shows us there is a vast new world out there, worth exploring.

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