Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Google Unifies Cloud Storage and Gives you 15GB of Free Space

How would you feel if you paid for 100GB of cloud space on Google, but found your Gmail account was unable to receive any more data once it reached 25GB? You could have 100GB for Google Drive and Google+ Photos, but your Gmail account would be stuck on 25GB. Now, Google is finally cleaning up this fragmented storage system and will unify storage space among all services, giving you 15GB of total storage for free that you can use any way you like - whether you'll use it all on Gmail, or all for G+ Photos, or anything in between.

You can manage it all in the new storage management page, where you can see how you're using up your space, and you'll notice that the old 25GB option is now gone. Now you can either keep the free 15GB account... or will have to go to the 100GB option at $4.99/month. You'll also notice that while this option previously offered 100GB + 25GB for Gmail, you now get "only" 100GB... meaning you'll lose 25% of space for the same amount of money (though I do prefer that these 100GB can be used freely).

If you're a Google Apps user, you get 30GB of free space.

This change is being deployed right now, and might take a few weeks to reach you - but sooner or later you'll see your Gmail account stating you have 15GB of space to use. (And I imagine that this also marks the end of the ever growing space limit we had on Gmail).

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