Sunday, June 16, 2013

20 Questions Answered by Google Glass

Using Google's Voice search on an Android or iPhone is a constant reminder of how much technology has evolved. But if you think having your smartphone answering your questions, just wait and see when the same thing is done by Google Glass. It really looks like science fiction has become a science-fact!

The following video was made by one of Project Glass team member - responsible for the voice interface - and as you'll be able to see... it seems magical.

Having some glasses answering your "every" answer would seem a dream come true for students worldwide, and could probably call for a shift in the way teaching systems are currently used. More likely than not, the first option will be to first ban "Glass" from every school room. But I wonder if that's really the correct way to deal with it, or if teaching should take exactly the opposite approach of embracing theses amazing new technologies than empower students (and everyone else) with access to all the collective knowledge of the world.

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