Saturday, June 15, 2013

Augmented Reality brings Rome's Coliseum back to Life

Next time you see a nuch of tourists aiming their tablets to the nearest monument, you better think twice before whispering "look at those guys" in a disapproving manner. You see, maybe they're not taking pictures... but seeing how that monument was back in its former and glorious days. It's the kind of augmented reality magic that AR Media provides, and that now allows us to see Rome's Coliseum just like it was when it was new.

There are lots of applications for augmented reality usages, but I think this one might be one of the most simple to implement and that will have a broad appeal to thousands (or even millions) of people worldwide. Though you can read about it and see photos in a book or website, I think nothing comes close to really being there, experiencing the true scale and environment of these historical places. And if we can augment it even further... then by all means. This may even make those that think "monuments are boring" to reconsider and look at it in an entirely different way.

Just keep in mind that although augmented reality is a nice touch, you should also try looking at it without a screen in between. I can't help but feel a bit sad when I see so many tourists worrying so much about recording videos and taking photos, looking at everything through their camera's viewfinders, that I wonder if they're  taking enough time to actually look at things with their own eyes.

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