Friday, June 14, 2013

Cube Slam Chrome Multiplayer Game

We're used to seeing Google showcase web technologies (and its own Chrome browser in the process), and now we have yet another multiplayer game you can run inside your browser to see what the future of the web might hold: Cube Slam.

Taking inspiration in the classic Pong, this game provides 3D graphics and power ups, and best of all you can play with a friend just by sharing a link. But to make it more interesting, you won't only be playing with them... but you'll be able to see them and talk to them as well, thanks to WebRTC - that allows that kind of communication without requiring any extra plugins.

To win Cube Slam, hit the cube against your friend’s screen three times until the screen explodes. Shields, obstacles, and gravity fields change with every new level, and you can unlock power-ups including fireballs, lasers, multi-balls, mirrored controls, bulletproof shields, fog, ghost balls, time bombs, resized paddles, extra lives, and death balls––though you might want to avoid the death balls. If none of your friends are online, you can always play against Bob the Bear and see what level you can reach. If you install the Cube Slam app, you can even play Bob when you’re offline.
Guess it won't be long before any (and every?) site will allow you to easily videochat with someone - and video interaction even while gaming will soon become "common"... similar to what happens now in Google's hangouts. When I imagine having a dozen of friend's faces popping up on screen in a large multiplayer game... I understand why we really need ultra HD 4K screens. At least we'll be able to put all those pixels to good use. :)

[via Chrome]

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