Saturday, June 29, 2013

Google allows you to Borrow its Street View Trekker

We've all seen the evolution of Google Maps and Street View over the past few years. Something a few decades ago would sound like science fiction, but that today allows us to visit a considerable part of our civilized world no matter where on the world we are. Street View began as "street viewing", but has since expanded to lots other places - including museums, and even trails in some of the most amazing places around the world.

Those images were captured by Google's Street View Trekker backpack, that has compressed the equipment that used to require a car into something anyone can carry around - and now more than ever, because Google is willing to lend you their Street View Trekker so you can capture the amazing places you know.

Well... not exactly everyone (at least for now) as this program is intendend for tourism boards, non-profit, government agencies, universities, research organizations and other entities. But even so, it sure is a very clever way to bring more of our amazing world into street view so it can be shared with everyone else.

... In Portugal, one of my first suggestions would be for a Street View stroll to Fenda da Calcedonia in Gerês. :)

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