Monday, June 24, 2013

Parkinson's at the Flick of a Switch

We can put robots on Mars, we have computers capable of making trillions of calculations per second... we grow so in live of our devices that we even waste time arguing, time and time again, if brand X has copied brand Y. Technology is great, but we often forget there are millions of people in the world that would simple like for their bodies to work as most other peoples.

I can't imagine nothing more horrifying than having an healthy brain traped inside a body that doesn't follow our commands as it should. And in that area, there are lots of thing we could hope technology to fix - or at the very least, help.

The following video shows us just how much technology can help some Parkinson's patients, thanks to the help of a "brain pace maker". It's not a cure, and it's not suitable for every case, but it's a start... and the difference it makes in the day to day life, is... amazing.

Now, if we could only convince the "civilized" world to stop wasting those billions of dollars in weapons, and invest in improving the lives of people all around the world... Imagine how things could be.

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