Sunday, June 23, 2013

Pocket iPhone Stand on Kickstarter

You may have spent hundreds of dollars on your new iPhone, however, just like even the cheapest smartphones on the market, good luck in trying to use it without holding it. Maybe you'd like to watch some YouTube videos while having breakfast, or read the latest the news, or even holding it at an angle so you could shoot some photos or videos with your friends without resorting to the usual "self-portrait facebook pose".

Having it laid flat on a table isn't exactly the best way to do this sort of things, but having to lug around some sort of bulky stand in the off chance you might need it... is a major inconvenience. Sure, there are compact stands, but those usually offer just a single viewing angle.What if I told you could have a stand that you can fit in your wallet just like a credit card, but that can hold your iPhone in either portrait and landscape mode and allow you to keep it in any 360º angle you want?

Better yet, it's not even that expensive, and you can get it at it's kickstarter crowdfunding page. This amazing Pocket Tripod: 360° wallet-sized iPhone stand can be yours for just $20 and will make you wonder just how you were able to live without it for so long!

Being completely flat, you can hold it in your wallet whenever you're not using it, but in just a few seconds you can transform it into a 3D iPhone stand with the capability of holding your iPhone in even the most extreme angles.

If you're in a hurry, you can get one in advance by paying $25. You'll get it in November, which is a much better deal than having to wait till June 2014... a time that will be just a few months away from the arrival of the next iPhone model, which - if Apple keeps doing its usual cycle - might bring us a different iPhone, maybe slimmer, that you won't be able to use with the stand you just received. For just the extra $5, it's a much better bet to get it this year (as the upcoming iPhone 5S will surely keep the same physical size of current generation's iPhone 5).

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