Saturday, June 8, 2013

Screen Size of all the iPhones put Together

I don't know if it happens the same to you, but sometimes, out of the blue, I start thinking about stupid calculations like: how much space would it 1000€ in 1 cent coins; or how much would it weigh a million dollars in gold; or even how long would it take to count all the pixels in a Ultra HD 4K screen at the rate of one per second (answer: 96 days!) This usually happens when I'm utterly bored (like when stuck in traffic, though it's rarely these days).

But the funny part is that found out a place where this sort of thing is actually calculated thanks to a post that tells us how large a screen made of all the iPhones ever made would be!

The answer? A gigantic screen over 1.5km tall and over 860 meters wide (that's 5,059 by 2,846 feet for you "non-metric" guys).

It sure would be a sight to behold... but we will have to do with some mockup renderings of such screen next to Central Park in NY.

Now that we know this essential geek fact of life, who's willing to calculate the size of a screen composed of all the screens built so far (TVs, computers monitors, tablets, etc)? Would it be enough to cover an entire country?

P.S. That same stupid calculations site has a lot of other interesting calculations you might want to browse around. :)

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