Sunday, June 9, 2013

Button TrackR - Never Lose Anything Again

Tired os losing stuff all around? There's an Indiegogo project that aims to fix that once and for all, and considering that it has largely surpassed it's intended $15k objective - with over $200k given so far - it seems there are a lot of people that are constantly losing stuff. I present you Button TrackR, and I admit I'm one of those 2000+ people that backed this project.

These tiny TrackR buttons can be placed/sticked to objects (or pets, or any other thing you can imagine) and use bluetooth so you can track them down using a smartphone app.

You can then know if you're near/far from them (up to 100 feet range), you can make the buttons sound an alarm to be easier to fine (or act as an anti-theft/forgetting alarm should you move away from them), and even tag the last place you've lost contact - if you can use this last function placing a button in your car so that you'll never forget again where you've parked it.

There's also a nice feature about TrackR, should any other TrackR user stroll around near on of your lost items, you'll receive a notification with its approximate location. Should this ever become widespread enough... it would have a very considerable "auto-finder" network for lost stuff.

This TrackR is in its final stretch with just a couple more days till it ends, and you can get a TackR button for $25, two for $40, and better yet: join up with a couple of interested friends and pony up for the 10 TrackR button pack for just $95. That's less than $10 per trackR button, and it certainly is a small price to pay for what it has to offer.

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