Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Apple Hires Yves Saint Laurent Former CEO

"Are we reading this right?" - will probably be your first though. What does technology have to do with fashion. Those are two worlds completely apart, and that rarely cross paths. Why in the world would Apple hire a fashion guy? It's plain crazy, right?... Well, it might sound like it at first, but bare with me for a second.

Paul Deneve was the head of YSL (and several other fashion houses), and coincidentally or not, he also worked at Apple during the 90s (at sales and marketing). And while technology and fashion usually don't match, things are about to change with the imminent arrival of wearable devices. Consider Google's Glass SmartGlasses or Apple's upcoming iWatch SmartWatch. Do you really think people will be choosing those based on the CPU or GPU they have? Not at all, they'll be choosing it based on what they provide and - just as important - how they look.

That's why hiring a fashion guy (that has even worked at Apple for seven years) makes perfect sense. Technology is about to become intertwined with fashion - and I wouldn't be surprised if a few years from now, when you enter a fashion store, you'll be able to browse through the latest assortment of smart watches, glasses, footwear and even smart clothes, in all shapes, colors and sizes.

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