Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Apple registers iWatch in Japan

When it comes to Apple there are more than enough rumors to go around, and some of them are related to the possibility of Apple developing a smartwatch - with some saying Apple has devoted hundreds of people to that project. Until now it was nothing but rumor... but with Apple applying for the iWatch trademark in Japan, we can definitely say there's "fire" under all that smoke.

Smartwatches have been popping up like crazy, but this is an area that is particularly suited for Apple cto sweep in and save the day. Existing smartwatches are either very limited or plain ugly. Like any regular wristwatch, this is the kind of device people take pride in wearing, and they do so only if they like it. If not, there would only be a single wristwatch manufacturer in the world, as all watches do the same: show time.

Apple can use their design and tech teams in order to build a "I want one of those!" smartwatch, just because it looks good - more so than their iPhone. Sure, the smartwatch competition is bound to become harder by the minute - the Kreyos Meteor is one of the latest to pop up, with the ability to use Siri and Google Voice Actions from your wrist (and I've ordered mine), and it does so for just about $100. I think it's safe to say that Apple's iWatch should cost quite a bit more.

[The image is for illustrative purposes only - there's still no idea regarding how the iWatch will look like; and we can expect it will be kept that way until its public unveiling... unless someone forgets one in a bar. :]

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