Friday, July 5, 2013

"Feedly is Over Capacity" Error on iOS

If you're still struggling to get you RSS feed habits back on track after the unfortunate demise of Google Reader, and figuring out the best alternative out there), you're more than likely to come across Feedly, considered by many to be the best post-Google Reader RSS feed reader.

Unfortunately, if you're using it in iOS you might have recently face a nasty "Feedly is Over Capacity" error message that might prompt you to think the service is subpar and look elsewhere.

Well, this isn't really an over capacity problem but something still caused be the ghostly Google Reader. The Feedly app tries to connect to Google Reader to help you migrate your feeds. But since last night Google changed the response it sends (from JSON to HTML, should you be curious about it) causing Feedly to fail with that error. If by any chance you were already logged in into the app, then you shouldn't have any problem - as long as you don't log out.

This issue has already been fixed in version 16.1, pushed to Google Play and Amazon App Store, but in the App Store it will take a couple extra days for Apple to review it. If you really can't wait for it to pop up, then you can use Reeder or any other app that integrates with Feedly in your iPhone and/or iPad.

[via Feedly]

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