Sunday, July 7, 2013

Sensoria Fitness Smart Socks

Wearable is all the rage right now. Most (all?) big brands are working at full throttle to bring us SmartWatches and smartGlasses that will once again reshape the way we interact with computers; and you need only look at the success of fitness tracking devices and services to realize more and more people are joining up to this data gathering generation that wants to know everything about everything - including how much they walk, run, sleep, etc. What you might not have expected would be for the smart-mania to reach... socks. Indeed, we now have SmartSocks available, like these Sensoria Fitness in Indiegogo.

These socks bring to the public something that until now was only available to professional athletes: a way to accurately measure the pressure you put in different parts of each foot. Although it only tracks three areas in each one (unlike those high-resolution systems we see on sports documentaries) it's more than enough to detect if you're stance, walking, running, is off balance - possibly preventing you from serious injuries down the line.

You can wash the socks just like any other, and at $59 for three pairs, it isn't really that expensive (some running socks cost more that that... while being completely "dumb socks". These socks communicate with your smartphone via a bluetooth anklet bracelet that attaches magnetically to the socks, and also has a range of sensors to track your movement. A basic kit can be yours for $119 dollars, which is about the same you would pay for other tracking devices.

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