Thursday, July 11, 2013

How to Export Google Latitude Contacts

Google is killing Latitude and forcing users to migrate to Google+ where they'll have a much less appealing experience (and without many of the features Latitude users loved: like the possibility to selectively say which users would see our precise location, and which would see just an approximate city-level location). Worst of all, Google say theres is "no way to export your Latitude friends list" nor any way to easily migrate them to Google+. Luckily... Google isn't being entirely honest with use: there is a way to export you Google Latitude friends list, and import it to Google+.

That is possible because, just like it happened with the defunct Google Buzz, your Latitude friends list is kept in a hidden Gmail contact group. And you can get there... if you know how:
  1. You need to go to your hidden Gmail Latitude group:
  2. Select "all"
  3. Chose "More", then Export, and export all those contacts into a CSV file

Then, you can import that file into Google+ by visiting, choosing "connect services" on the left column, and then select "open address book" and opening the export file you've downloaded earlier. Then you can easily add your Latitude friends into a new G+ circle, named "Latitude" for instance.

The last step is going into Google+ settings and enable location sharing and select the "Latitude" circle, so they can still see where you are (though you can't specify the precision level for each friend like you could in Latitude).

[via Google System]

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