Friday, July 12, 2013

Samsung shows us the Future of Bendable Displays

No one seems to agree on what's the ideal screen size for a mobile device. Some prefer compact 3.5" screens, others can't resist the new 5" Full HD smartphones, and others still eagerly enjoy their "phablets". The truth is: there isn't any single "ideal" size for all, and everyone - at one time or another - certainly wished for their devices to be bigger/smaller depending on the occasion.

What if a single device could have it all? That's what we can see in the following Samsung concept video, of a device with a foldable screen that can be large or small depending on our needs. Unfortunately, this isn't something real... yet. But, as we all know, technology has the "nasty" habit of taking our dreams and turning them into reality some years (or decades) later.

Let's hope this is one of those cases that takes just "years" (and that they don't forget that besides all these great innovation, we'd also appreciate for battery life to be greatly improved... as there's no point in having these great devices in our pocket if they can't even last through the day under moderate use. :)

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