Saturday, July 13, 2013

The Zombies of World War Z

If you've watched World War Z (or simply seen its trailer) you'll know just how different its zombies are. Long gone are the slow walking dead bodies we've seen in classics like the Night of the Living Dead - now replaced by hordes of swarming, fast-moving (really fast, might I add) zombies that look like fire ants on a frenzy. As you'd might expect, that's something that became possible thanks to the magic of CGI (computer generated images) that we can see in most movies these days. But to manage such a high number of zombies on screen, they've used some clever techniques inspired by video games.

Instead of manually animating each and every zombie by hand - which would be unfeasible for such a alarge number if them; they developed an artificial intelligence that allowed each one of them to act as an individual, with its own goals and unique features. Then, they had a more evolved system called "Alice" that allowed artists to better shape the kind of action they desired - and once it was good enough, then the animators came in to give the final touch.

Once again... movies and videogames are become more and more alike by the day...

[via Wired]

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