Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Leap Motion is Launching at last

At last, Leap Motion is finally launching and promissing a new era in the way we interact with computers. If you recall, Leap Motion is a small device that can detect 3D motion with incredible precision and accuracy.

It's the kind of device that may end doing what we were hoping Kinect to do in the computer world (which is different from using it to play around in the living room), and although it can't do full body tracking, it's well suited for the kind of gesture interaction we'd like to have when working with a computer at its keyboard.

Unlike Kinect, Leap Motion has several advantages going in its favor: it's cheaper (you can get it for $79.99) and it's smaller. Like they say, this is probably just the first step, has several manufacturers are interested in integrating their technology directly into some of their devices, which would make it even more appealing to use. Now that we have the device, all that we need is for software to be up to the task and for interfaces to quickly evolve and adapt to this kind of interaction and create a set of common or standard gestures so people feel comfortable using it.

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