Wednesday, July 24, 2013

NFC Ring on Kickstarter

Here's yet another Kickstarter successful project (at least in the first phase of money gathering - we'll have to wait and see if the project does reach its objective without unexpected delays, like so many others). If you're a fan of NFC stickers to quickly set up your smartphone, you'll love to hear that you soon may have a NFC ring

Starting at £22, or going as low as £8 if you're willing to 3D print your own ring, or figure out a way to insert the NFC inlet into another ring - this ring does offer some interesting possibilities: like using it to unlock your smartphone - or even a door, if you use a NFC lock.

The project may be simple in theory, but actually building it proved to be a lot more complicated than you might think - because NFC and metal usually don't mix well, and its creator had to find a way to make NFC work in a metal ring, as well as restrict its range in order to prevent undesired "snooping".

The only thing missing is that although it looks good and offers all those amazing possibilities, it does nothing to make people like me (who hate wearing rings - even though I sincerely enjoy and appreciate looking at the "nice ones") want to wear one. :)

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