Saturday, July 20, 2013

Solar Headphones on Kickstarter

I think it's safe to assume everybody loves the idea of harnessing the power of the sun and charge their electric devices using clean and unlimited solar power (and the fact that is "free" also helps). However, although there have been great technological breakthroughs that make solar power more efficient than ever, we're still far away from that "solar dream".

 But although you can't (yet) use solar power for your entire power needs, there are a few things you can use it for. While we've seen solar powered smartphones before, it's quite a awkward proposition considering our smartphones spend most of their time inside our pockets and bags - places that aren't exactly... sunny. That's why these solar headphones on Kickstarter make a lot more sense, as it's the kind of device you're much more likely use in a place where the sun can actually shine: your head.

According to its creators, these OnBeat Solar Headphones can generate up to 0.55W and store the solar power into its 1000mAh battery (evenly place on each earphone to balance its weight) which you can later use to charge up your portable devices via USB plug.

If you're interested, the price is 69£ (cerca de 79€) with deliveries planned for February 2014.

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