Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Hustle - Wireless Battery Bag/Wallet for Smartphones

No matter what kind of smartphone you buy, there's one thing you'll never be completely satisfied with: it's battery life. Most high-end smartphones can barely go a couple of days without charging, and some struggle to last to the end of the day if you really dare to actually use it as you'd wish. There's a new project in Indiegogo that aims to help with that: the wireless charging bag Hustle.

The concept is the same as all those mobile battery extenders, but here it is nicely hidden as a small bag/wallet that can go unnoticed anywhere (and available in male/female versions).

One other nice touch is that it can be recharged wirelessly - using the Qi wireless power standard - so you need only drop the bag/wallet on top of the wireless charger to charge it (and recharge you smartphone as well, if it's plugged in into it.

The Hustle bag/wallet costs $139 with an included Qi wireless charging pad. It's not cheap, but considering you get a portable 4250mAh battery that looks good to us in any occasion, and a Qi charging station you can use to charge any other Qi device, like the Google Nexus 4, Nokia Lumia 920, or HTC Windows Phone 8X... it may end up not being a bad deal after all.

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