Monday, August 12, 2013

KeyMe App allows you to Copy Keys in

The old "there's an app for that" can now be used once again should you be prone to losing your house keys or find yourself frequently locked out of your home. The KeyMe app allows you to simply clone any key by simply taking a picture of your keys.

While you can't have the duplicate key right away (maybe a portable 3D printer embedded in your smartphone will allow you to do that in the not so distant future), you can simply have the keys delivered to your home, or drive to your nearest locksmith and ask them for a code cut key with the code the app shows you.

I can't really say if I would be comfortable having my key info in my smartphone (and stored in the cloud)... But when we consider we probably have lots of other valuable information in our emails, online bank accounts, etc. already stored and accessible via our smartphones... I think it might be just a false sense of security.

Also worth mentioning, most of these common locks can be easily opened by anyone with minor lock picking training / or no training whatsoever if they have the right tools. So... maybe it's time we just learn to live with the way things are, make our best to keep things safe - but keeping in mind that if someone is willing to put the time and the effort to get them, they'll probably will.


  1. so ... if someone want to break in to your house, the only thing they have to do is take a picture of your house key? Or am I seeing this wrong?

    1. That's basically it, yes. (Though for this app, you'd need to be very close to it. There are other systems that have shown a key can be copied from a lot further away using photos as well).


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