Thursday, August 22, 2013

Leaked Images of the Gold iPhone

Just the other day we talked about how a gold iPhone could make the gold color fashionable again, and now we have leaked photos of the alleged gold case of the new iPhone 5S - that even includes the larger flash hol, which will supposedly hold two different colored flashes for better color capture under difference lighting circumstances.

As previously said, this images show us that we won't be having an actual "glittering gold" iPhone, but one that is a lot more subtle, in a champagne color tone. A tone that seem to fall right into place alongside the existing black and white/silver models.

In fact, when placed next to the existing models, this new "gold" model makes the the silver model look kind of dull - though in the end, it will be up to each one to decide which one looks best for himself/herself.

What we would really like to see if for Apple - or any other manufacturer - to come up with a new kind of material that could change its colors at will, so we could personalize it at the touch of a button whenever we felt like like it: or even use it as a notification warning: for instance turning it red if there are some urgent calls or messages we have to read, or black when its battery level drops below 15%. That would be something really talking about! :)

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