Wednesday, August 21, 2013

e-Ink screen powered by NFC

I'm not a big fan of NFC (considering that most of the "problems" it promises to solve aren't really problems - and could be easily sorted out using other widely available technologies, like bluetooth) but I might be about to change my mind. Just take a look at these ingenious wireless and battery-less e-Ink screen e-Ink screens powered by NFC.

The e-Ink screen can keep the current image without needing any extra power, and the power needed to receive the data and update the screen is harvested by the NFC field itself. It's quite a clever feat, and if it were to be combined with that technology that allows for wireless communications between modules using TV RF transmissions, you'd might be able to come up with lots of interesting devices that would never need to worry about battery life.

For starters, I'd imagine one would appreciate having some kind of digital paper (without the need for batteries, a flexible eInk screen could probably be made as thin as "paper"), that we could keep anywhere - from our desk to the fridge door, and where we could easily upload any image or note by simply touching it with a smartphone. But one can imagine a future where one would have digital travel tickets using this "digital paper", that could be updated to show the current status of the flight, etc.

Let's hope it won't take long for this technology to become commercially available.

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