Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fake iOS7 ad promising waterproof tricks some users

One would imagine by now that everyone should know that they can't believe everything they read (be it on the internet or anywhere else). But unfortunately it seems there are still stup... - well, let's call them gullible - people that have yet to realize that, and fall for a fake iOS7 ad promising they this update would turn their iPhones waterproof.

Maybe it was the pseudo-techno details, stating that a smart-switch would shut off the power before any damage could occur; or maybe it was the mention that Apple's warranty would cover all water damage. But the end results was that some people did actually try it out to see if it was true. Of course: it wasn't. What would you expect?

In "my time" most tricks involved some sort of tricking IRC newbies into pressing ALT+F4 to gain administrative status on chat rooms (do give it a try, it sill works today. ;P) And although I feel sorry for anyone submerging their iPhones, on the other hand I can't stop but feel like it's something they deserve.

Let this serve as a warning, so that when iOS8 comes along and some fake ad says you can now recharge your iPhone wirelessly by putting it inside your microwave oven at max power for 60 second... you'll think twice before doing it.

1 comment:

  1. Nice idea, the microwave charging :D I hope someone will try it :p


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