Friday, September 27, 2013

Google is now 15 years old

Google is celebrating its 15th anniversary, and takes us reminds us of several of its highlights over the years. Fifteen years may not sound as much in human terms, but in internet time it certainly is. I would dare someone go back and try to live with the internet we had in 1998 and the "amazing" modem speeds we had back then... Only someone who has experienced what it was to download files at 5-8KB per second knows what I'm talking about (though my first modem was only 2400bps... which I won't even dare to tell you what that meant! :)

So, I certainly have a different perspective from all the younger generations that have grown with Google being "there" as something that always existed; with maps that you can easily use to browse the world, gmail accounts with gigabytes of space, and so on. And let's not forget... we're talking about pre-Matrix times (Matrix would only premiere the following year! :)

Google certainly has done a lot over the years and keeps doing it.

I may not agree with every decision they've made (killing Google Reader is something I will never forget)... but I do admit that can't imagine my daily life without Google. I depend on Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangouts, and not to mention - Blogger - which allows me do have this site (as well as my other sites).

Well, enough talk already, nothing like going back in time and see Google as it was for yourself: just google for "Google in 1998" - and see how good it looks. :) When you're tired of it, just click the "take me back to 2013" link to get back to the Google we all know and love.

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