Thursday, September 19, 2013

Google offers Quickoffice for free for Android and iOS (and 10GB to your Gdrive)

If it's certain you have a lot of apps promising to be "MS Office alternatives for mobile devices, it's also true that most good one also cost quite a bit (compared to the majority of 99c apps - even though they might be worth it). For quite some time people have been waiting for Microsoft to launch a mobile Office suite for iOS and Android... but when they did, they did so just for the Office 365 subscribers. Well... Google now hopes to put that to rest and are making Quickoffice available for free for iOS and Android, and they even give you an extra 10GB for you Google Drive.

We finally get to see last year's Quickoffice acquisition, and one can't say it's not an excellent move, taking advantage of MS "slow response". Now, mobile users will have one more way to keep away from their computers with MS Office - and that's not very good for MS. On the other hand, Google get regular MS Office users one step closer to using their own Google Docs, and show them that they can actually live quite well without "Office" - particularly when they're already using a system that is completely different from Windows.

The only bad thing about all this is that the 10GB extra space offer has an expiration date: just two years, till they take it back again (probably hoping by then you'll so much stuff in there you'll be willing to pay for the extra space). But to get that 10GB offer you to donwload Quickoffice and login with your Google account by September 26. So, what are you waiting for?

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