Wednesday, September 18, 2013

TouchPal X Android Keyboard now better than ever

By now you're probably aware that I've been a fan of TouchPal keyboard for Android for a very long time. Not only it's one of the best touch keyboards around, but it was actually usable even in my low end android smartphones that could barely copy with other more popular keyboards, like SwiftKey and Swype. And now, TouchPal gets better than ever with the new TouchPal X.

I can't really tell you if it sill works fine in low end devices (since I've since upgraded to a Nexus 4 and never looked back), but as features go, you can now find everything you might need on a keyboard in this new version. You can touch type, have predictive word completiom you can "swype" over letters, and you can now write complete phrases without lifting your finger thanks to the new "curve" writing method.

Touchpal also give you easy access to symbols and emoticos, something that other keyboards sometime seem to forget about.

And for those occasions when typing is not an option, you can also resort to voice input. As you can see, there's nothing missing from TouchPal (it even allows simultaneous two language support). And besides allowing you to fully customize it's size and input methods, you can even change how it looks by using different themes.

Do give a try (and be sure to give it at least a couple of days so it can "learn" from what you type and truly become what it can be. TouchPal X is available on Google Play and is available for free (at least for now).

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  1. With my Samsung Galaxy Ace and using TouchPal for 6 months I can only confirm that its still my preferred keyboard. I recommend turning off curve on low end smartphones if the keyboard starts to lag.


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