Tuesday, September 17, 2013

iOS now has Older Compatible Versions of app

The new iOS7 is coming, and with it millions of older iPhones (3GS and older) will be left in the iOS version they currently have. That poses as problem, as most developers will soon update their apps to take advantage of the new iOS7 feature (or at the very least adapt to it's new "colorific" look) and they may require you to have the latest iOS version. So... will your older iPhone be rendered useless starting tomorrow? Not quite, as Apple devised an ingenious way to deal with it.

If you have an older generation iOS and you try to download an App requiring a newer iOS, you'll now be presented with a message that states that the app requires a newer iOS, but that you may download an older version of the app that works on your device (provided one is available).

It's quite a simple and ingenious way to deal with the inevitable longevity and aging process of our digital devices - and it certainly beats a cold unfriendly message like "your device is no longer supported". Let's hope other platforms start doing something similar (if they don't do it already).

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