Monday, September 16, 2013

Siri drops Beta in iOS7

Looks like Siri is finally getting out of beta with the upcoming arrival of iOS7. This means that Apple is confident that Siri no longer requires a beta tag to serve as an excuse for its mishaps (should it happen), and from what we've been able to gather, iOS7 beta testers say that Siri is indeed a lot better, faster, not to mention you can now select different voices and choose whether you prefer a female ou mal Siri answering you.

Though Siri still has a major drawback in here (even after all the rumours, Siri doesn't yet understand Portuguese, nor there is any official info regarding when/if it will ever do), I do find myself using voice queries and commands more frequently. Truth be told, most of the time I do it on an Android device, as Google seems to be doing a better job as recognizing what I ask; but it does come in handy when I just want to do some quick fact checking or unit conversions while writing a blog post and don't want to take my hand off the keyboard or open up a new browser window to do it.

What scares me the most is that while Siri loses its beta status, I'm afraid that the entire iOS7 still deserves one. iOS7 will be made publicly available on the 18th, but not a single day goes by without me hearing about weird bugs persisting in the "GM" version that is supposed to be the final one. A fact that seems to be confirmed by the fact that Apple seems to be already readying several patches iOS 7.0.1, 7.0.2, and 7.1.

Apple has already had a few iOS "buggy" versions before... but I don't think people are too keen on enduring any kind of bugs now as they were back then. When you buy something you expect it to work, not to become a paying beta tester that will have to wait weeks or months till they can finally use their devices as intended. Even to this day I'm still often plagued by the bug that causes the last taken photo to become blurred should you see it on the "preview" section by swiping the camera screen - forcing me to go to the photo gallery app to see it straight. With a new iOS7, a new 64 bit architecture to worry about, a fingerprint scanner and all... I think there is to many new stuff for them to be able to keep bug free.

... But I hope I'm wrong...

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