Monday, September 30, 2013

High Quality Photos taken with Crappy Lens

If you're fond of photography, you've probably realized by now that more important than the actual image sensor itself, it's the lens you're using on your camera. That's why high quality lens can easily cost more than the camera itself and now matter if it's brand new or decades old, a high quality lens is always a high quality lens.

But why do we need lens? The problem is that it isn't easy to narrow down the field of view in such a way that the entire visible light spectrum stays sharp and on focus across the sensor plane. That's why lens are usually made by combining multiple optical elements, to compensate and correct for those distortions, which makes them heavier and more expensive.

Researches decided to go back to the basics and use only a single element lens - which provides crappy blurred photos - and then do rest of the work digitally... and the results are amazing.

Just keep in mind that this is the sort of process that show a lot of improvement in crappy lenses (which will certainly help in low cost smartphones, for instance) but as you get better and better lenses, the gains will be less noticeable, as there will be less room for improvement. In any case, I can imagine a few vendors relying in this kind of tech to save some money on the camera lens and still provide decent quality photos.

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