Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Dropbox now has Screen Capture auto-sharing

There are several programs that provide advanced screen capture features, but for the most part, people still do it the old fashion way: pressing the PrtSc key to copy the screen to the clipboard, open a image editing program, paste the image there, crop and resize the image, save it to disk - and most of the time, upload it to some web service so they can share it with friends. Wouldn't it be good to get rid of it all and make it simpler? If you use Dropbox you can.

With the latest version, Dropbox can now automatically upload your screen captures, and if you press CTRL+PrtSc you get a link to the uploaded file in your clipboard. That means you're only a "paste" away from sharing your screen capture with your friends (or the entire web, if you wish.)

This is quite a nice addition to the automatic photos and video import feature (this new version also has an iPhoto import function for Mac users), and to be sure you're not unwillingly uploading screen captures to the cloud, you'll see a window pop up the first time you do a screen capture, asking if you wish to activate this new feature. At any time you can quickly toggle this screen capture upload on or off by visiting the import section in your computer's Dropbox preferences.

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