Tuesday, September 24, 2013

iMessage for Android pops up in the Play Store - but stay clear of it

iMessage is Apple's messaging system that you can find in iOS and OS X. It's quite clever in the sense that it transparently takes over your regular SMS messages should the destination have a compatible device. Apple does it's thing and make it quite easy to use: you simply start typing a message, and instantly you know if the destination has as iMessage capable device or if it will be sent via regular SMS.

The bad part is that it's only available on Apple's systems, meaning you have to use other messaging apps should you want to talk to friends with Androids, for instace.

But now we have an iMessage for Android - which would be awesome if it were developed by Apple, but unfortunately it isn't, and it is highly suspicious to say the least.

Indeed the app does work, but I would advise against you trying it. Not only it requires your Apple ID and password (a big no-no); but even if you use a test account the app has permissions to download and install other apps. Meaning: it might infect your device with who knows what! (Not saying that it does or it will... but that it can; and that, at the very least, should serve as enough warning for you to keep clear.)

Looks like we'll have to wait for a safe iMessage app to pop up for Android... although it's unlikely for it to happen soon. (Remember when Steve Jobs said Facetime would be open for all to use?... Until this day we're still waiting...)

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