Thursday, September 5, 2013

Samsung unveils its Galaxy Gear Smartwatch

It was one of the most expected gadgets of the season, Samsung's attempt to pave the way for the smartwatch revolution, their much touted Galaxy Gear.

Thankfully, the final version isn't as ugly as it had been feared, but neither is as futuristic as some of the concept renderings had made us believe (with curved screens, and such). At the end of the day,whil a bit more polished, it still looks like a small screen strapped to a bracelet. The screen in a 1.63" Super AMOLED with 320x320 (which requires you to push a button to light up and show you the time). And it's also quite bulky...  And it that wasn't enough, it's 25h battery life is overly optimistic. Based on the hardware it has, you could run through the battery in a single hour of heavy use - though that's highly unexpected. But even so, it better to hope we'll be able to get about 10h of regular use.

It has a camera in the bracelet, which is kind of nice... though you won't be able to snap some unsuspecting spy shots, as you can't silence the "shutter sound" it makes (guess you won't be able to snap some quick photo of your sleeping baby without waking him up).

The really worst part is that the Galaxy Gear will only work with Samsung smartphones and tablets - at the moment, just the new Note 3 and 10.1. That, and the fact that will cost $299 makes me believe that it will be just another gadget that, jute like all previous smartwatch attempts, won't convince the general public (and that's assuming someday one will).

As a side note, this Galaxy Gear makes the Kreyos Meteor and Omate TrueSmart look much better deals. And at least they'll work with your non-Samsung Android devices.

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