Friday, September 6, 2013

Spotify sued due to user's Playlists

Ok... so you felt bad you downloaded "illegal" music and decided to do the right thing and subscribe to a paid service like Spotify. Now your conscience is clear, artists are receiving their share, and everything is good... right? Not quite. Apparently it isn't enough for you to pay for a service that allows you to listen to whatever you want.

The British nightclub/label Ministry of Sound is suing Spotify because - and you'll to keep in mind this isn't a script for a funny movie - some users are creating playlists like the ones in their compilations!

Yep... you can pay for the right to listen to whatever you want, but if you dare play it in the same order a label decided to use, you're again a criminal. According to them, there's a lot of effort going on to come up with these playlists, and someone copying it is a big no no.

Well, I'd suggest someone to create a script that would automatically create all the possible playlist combinations for their songs, and whenever they try to launch a new compilation, I'd sue them back because they'll also be copying a playlist order you've already came up with. Or... we can even argue just how many of those musics need to be in the same order... What if we replace the first or last music? The playlist won't be the same, right? Or do they claim that even two songs in sequence is enough to sue someone?

Beats me... but it's this kind of behavior that pushes people into just giving up and just pirate the damn thing.

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