Friday, October 18, 2013

Nexus 5 price revealed by Google (by mistake)

Google has been teasing it's Android 4.4 KitKat and Nexus 5 launch date with references to 80's music. But this time a simple mistake was enough to let the world know how the Nexus 5 looks (as well as Android's 4.4 homescreen) and - more importantly - how much it will cost.

That info appeared briefly on Google's own Play Store and was promptly removed - but that was more than enough to be noticed and shared around the internet. So, here it is: the new Nexus 5 will start  $349! Just the price we were expecting. If you're sad it isn't $299 like the Nexus 4, keep in mind that the cheaper N4 had just 8GB, and the Nexus 5 entry model has 16GB. There will also be a 32GB version that I expect to cost around $399.

As for Android 4.4, we can see that Google has replaced the traditional SMS message app with their new hangout app - which will be able to handle SMS as well. And more importantly (for me), the navigation buttons and status bar lose the black bakground that made the screen look smaller. With a transparent background we can now better enjoy the screen real estate on Android devices with on-screen buttons (was about time!)

With a top of the line Snapdragon 800 and a 5" Full HD display (not to mention it's a Nexus, with all the advantages of having a "direct from source" Android), you can expect the Nexus 5 to once again disappear from the stores as soon as they can make it. I for one will be replacing my trusted Nexus 4 and get one Nexus 5. How about you?

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