Monday, October 21, 2013

Hangouts for iOS can now call USA and Canada for free

If you regularly call friends and family in the USA and/or Canada, now you have one more reason to use Google's Hangouts app. Besides allowing you to make videocalls (hangouts) with them, you can now use it to make voice calls to the US and Canada for free.

Of course you can also call any other phone number in the entire world (although not for free), and if you're a Google Voice user, you can also receive incoming calls on the Hangouts app as well. These free calls are available no matter where you are in the world. So, even if you happen to live in... let's say... Portugal, you can still call US and Canada for free (as long as you have an internet connection, of course.)

So, while it's tempting to often just send some short messages or click on a "like" button to show you're around, don't forget to actually call and talk to your friends from time to time. If not, it's kind of sad to see that the more technology we have that allows us to connect all the way around the world, the more people stay far apart from each other.

If by any chance any of you happen to come by Oporto, hope you know I'll be more than glad to meet up and show you around! ;)

(Which reminds me, this next weekend we'll have one more of our monthly meetings from the community of my Portuguese blog, where we have one of Porto's traditional dishes: Francesinha! So, if you do happen to come by, try and make it so you're here in the last Saturday of the month, and join us! :)

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