Saturday, November 30, 2013

Google's New Maps can finally be embedded

Looks like Google is finally noticing (and fixing) some of the very visible and annoying flaws of their new Google Maps. A map that looked a lot better and more modern, but lacked some of the most basic things users might expect, like easy access to streetview (fixed with pegman's return) and the ability to embed a map into any webpage. Well, that's finally been taking care of, as we can now embed the new Google maps into any web page.

But don't think you'll be seeing just the intended map. Google is also working on bringing ads to its map services, and those ads will pop up on the embedded maps as well. (Well... considering you can use them for free, it's the kind of trade-off most people will be willing to take.)

All that I would ask is for a simple way to do a "send map by email" like we had in the old maps. I know we can share a map on Google+, and that you can specify a single email address as its destination to send it to them, but I think Google should really ease up on the whole Google+ mandatory thing, and face reality: Google+ may be a great service, but the more they try to shove it down everybody's throats the less likely people will be willing to use it.

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