Monday, December 2, 2013

Amazon Prime Air user flying drones to deliver in 30 minutes or less

We live in a era where we can send a data packet all the way across the world in a few milliseconds. We can call anyone and expect them to pick up immediately, or answer a text in the next couple of seconds. However, when you press the "buy" button on the online shop, you still have to wait days (or more) to get the delivery at your door. Amazon wants to change all that... with its sci-fi sounding: Amazon Prime Air.

Amazon has been pushing for faster delivery of items to your door. First with 1 day delivery, and then with the same-day delivery in certain areas. But this Amazon Prime Air takes it even further, by using flying autonomous drones to deliver packagers up to 5 pounds to a radius of 10 miles in under 30 minutes. Just imagine it... you click "buy now"... and in less than half an hour it might be right at your doorstep - or not, with such a system, one can envision items being delivered to wherever you are - even if you're at the beach or at the park.

But for now, this project is still in its infancy and there's a lot to be done to make that future come true. But dreaming is always the first step, and then it's just a matter of time for it to become science reality rather than fiction. Anyway... just keep in mind there are bound to be more UFO sighting over the next couple of years, as drones cross our skies ever more frequently - which, on the other hand, will also educate people to better identify them and perhaps... make UFO sighting less "unidentifiable".

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