Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How to fix Feedburner redirect issues with Blogger

If you've been experiencing RSS feed problems lately with blogger feeds going through Feedburner, there may be an easy fix for it. It's odd that something that has worked so well for years is now causing issues (and I just hope it doesn't mean Google is hinting that it will soon close down the Feedburner service), but... what matters is how to fix it.

Being both Blogger and Feedburner Google services, one would expect them to work just fine together, but in the past couple of days I noticed something strange: my Facebook, Google+ and Twitter blog accounts were silent, and readers were writing me about how the RSS feed had stopped working.

Indeed, it all came down to the RSS feed not working. Time to go figure what was happening.

In Feedburner, you can access a FeedMedic report that tells you if there's any problem, and indeed there were problems:

In my case the feeds were reporting a "Recursive feed redirection error":
Error getting URL: 400 - Recursive feed redirection error: Are requests for your 'Original Feed' address — the feed that FeedBurner is checking for updates — being redirected to your FeedBurner feed? Make sure your Original Feed is provided from a web address that isn't redirected to FeedBurner.

Blogger has a feed redirection feature that allows it's native RSS feed to be redirected to an external feed service (like Feedburner). But the thing is: both the original feed and the redirected feed are the same:
  • http://abertoatedemadrugada.com/feeds/posts/default

This has always worked well (I guess Feedburner had a way to fetch the actual feed instead of the redirected one) but it now seems to be failing.

So we have to take care of it manually, and thankfully it can be done adding some extra parameters to the url:
  • http://abertoatedemadrugada.com/feeds/posts/default?redirect=false&max-results=10

The essential part is adding "?redirect=false" to your original url feed in Feedburner. And just to play it safe, you can also add the "max-results=10" parameter to limit the maximum number of items your feed returns (Feedburner doesn't like feeds over 512KB, and this should take care of that.)

Hope that helps!

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  1. I was having similar problems. I fixed it by updating the URL in the feed's settings (at feedburner). It was still set to my blogspot URL instead of my custom domain. Updating this fixed it straight away.

    Strange though, I've had a custom domain for about 2 years and the problem only started a few days ago.


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