Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How to unlock your Mac by Knocking

Tired of entering your password everytime you open up your MacBook? What if you could simply knock your iPhone as a way to identify yourself and do it automatically - sounds good? Well, you'll soon can, thanks to the Knock app combo running in your iPhone and Mac.

The system relies on Bluetooth Low Energy mode to talk to your Mac - and thanks to the CoreBluetooth API introduced in iOS 5, allows the app to run in the background in your iPhone - and it's amazing to see (and use). This means that you'll need an iPhone 4S or later to use it, but it also means that you'll be able to knock on your iPhone even without launching the app (as long as you still have it running in the background) - in fact, you can knock it even without unlocking your iPhone (though you can see that as a potential security risk even somehow someone manages to grab both your Mac and iPhone at the same time).

After the initial setup, once you're near your Mac you'll receive a notification prompting you to knock, and your Mac will also show a "sound wave" effect each time you knock, acting as a nice visual indicator that everything is working as it should.

The Mac app will be available for free, with the iPhone app costing you $3.99.

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