Thursday, November 7, 2013

Pegman returns to Google Maps

When Google redesigned Google Maps, they certainly looked way better than before. However, somewhere along the way Google forgot some things that users had grown accustomed to over the years - one of them being the popular Pegman that allowed us to quickly drop-in anywhere and look around using Street View. Well, you'll be pleased to know that Pegman has returned to Google Maps, and Google also add a few extra nice touches to it.

The little Pegman now lives in the bottom right tab on the screen, and just like before you can drag it anywhere (the maps lights up where there is Street View info, as well as photo spheres and inside imagery - perfect to check out a store or restaurant). When you're planning your route somewhere, you also get street view imagery on your turn-by-turn info, so you can better navigate your surroundings.

Google is also putting its Waze acquisition to good use, with real-time incident reports popping on Google Maps (and you can also check the usual traffic patterns at different times of the day - a nice touch that might help you avoid frustrating minutes behind the wheel.)

And if you like to use Google Maps/Earth to travel the world without spending a dime, you'll be pleased to know that the "tour guides" feature we already had on the mobile version has made its way into the desktop web version, being renamed as "Earth Tours". Be sure to give it a try and fly around famous and noteworthy places all over the world... without worrying with jet-lag or lost luggage. :)

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