Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Qi Wireless Charger for iPhone

Just the other day I shared with you just how fond I've become of wireless chargers that you can use with the Nexus 4, 5, 7 and other Qi compatible devices... and how it made me think how even the friendlier lightning cable can be cumbersome on the iPhone. I've looked around trying to find a Qi adapter for the iPhone, but all I found out were ugly and bulky cases. Well... look no more, it seems we're finally about to get exactly what we wanted (at least until Apple decides to make its iPhones and iPads Qi compatible): the iQi mobile for iPhone.

This Indiegogo project uses the same concept as the tiny adapters for some Android devices that stay hidden behind its back covers. It's a very thin and flexible Qi receiver module you can plug into the lightning port and bend backwards, staying hidden behind any flexible iPhone case.

It's a simple yet clever idea, and I wouldn't be surprised for it to be copied by many other makers (as we speak). It costs $25 for the adapter alone, or $50 with a Qi charger (though you can use it with any other Qi charger if you happen to have one already).

Though wireless chargers are less efficient than a cable, I think its worth while... as it provides a truly universal system that gets rid of cables and sockets and such. You simply place your device over a charger and it's done!

The only drawback is that you'll use up the lightning port in your iPhone. For me it's not a big deal, as I only use the lightning cable to charge it up and do all my transfers wirelessly. But if you still use cable sync to iTunes or to get some photos, this iQi charger adapter might become cumbersome to use. You'll have to figure out what you value most for yourself.

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