Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Swivl - a auto-tracker base for your smartphone video recordings

Ever wished to use your smartphone (or tablet) to record a presentation you're about to do, but you're tired of having to ask someone to do it for you... and resulting in shaky and out of frame videos because your "cameraman" isn't exactly a pro? Well, now you can with Swivl a small auto-tracking pan-tilt base that will never get tired and won't take its eyes off you.

Swivl has been quite successful in store, and a new version is already under way via a Kickstarter project. Although you can remotely control it's pan tilt movements, that really nice part is that it will automatically follow a small tracking device (which also acts as a remote control and microphone). The device can pan 360º and tilt 20º up and -10º down, meaning it will be able to follow you everywhere. The tracking is made via IR, so you'll need a clear line of sight between it and the tracker - though if your plan is to record video, I'd assume that  won't be a problem

Although you'd able to get it at a much nicer price on Kickstarter, you can get it at Amazon UK for £179.99. A price that is a bit steep for a casual user, but might be justifiable if you happen to do a lot of talks or presentations that you'd like to record on video.

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