Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Volumetric 3D table allows physical interfaces for the future

Just the other day I was talking about the possibilities a volumetric 3D table would allow, and it didn't take them long to actually turn some of those into real-life examples that won't require you to simply "imagine it". Now you can see it in action for yourself... and be amazed by what can be done right now.

The following vídeo shows us things like telepresence physical interaction - where a remote user can actually move around physical objects on the other end; but also a wide number os applications ranging from simples physical user interfaces that you can interact with using other objects (or simply your hand) to games that would allow children to keep in touch with the "physical world" instead of relying on a "touchless" flat block of glass we call tablets.

From the bery first time I saw this tablet I couldn't stop wondering about the amazing possibilities it opens up for the future; and once you see the following video, I dare you not to do the same. (And don't stop at what you see right now, just imagine what could be done if instead of a blocky 32x32 elements table you had a 1024x1024 "high resolution" 3D surface? Or what if instead of a table, the actual floor in our rooms would have the same transformation abilities? A morphing room that could that the shape of whatever we needed? Now we're talking about a future I certainly hope to see come true!

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