Thursday, December 5, 2013

Layer wants to revive XMPP messaging universality for Mobiles

I'm (sadly) amazed by how sometimes things seem to get worse the more technology we have. Today, we all have powerful mobile devices, more powerful than the computers we used just a few years ago. However... if you want to do something as simple as sending a simple message... you'll probably waste more time arguing about which app you use and how much better/worse it is than the rest than simply sending he actual message.

Maybe your friend uses iMessage; maybe he prefers Skype, or WhatsApp, or Viber, or Tango, or Hangouts... or any number of other messaging apps. And in the end you'll probably give up and just send him a regular SMS... or an email. Old... but "universal"!

This sounds even crazier when we consider that not long ago, this problem wasn't a problem. Thanks to the XMPP/Jabber, people could send messages back and forth between different "messengers": you could talk to Yahoo users using Gtalk, for instance... and so did anyone else implementing this same, open, protocol.

Well... XMPP creator is back with Layer and he want to do the same he once did... now for the app-infested mobile world. You see, XMPP wasn't created with mobile devices in mind - which can pop in an out of connection at any time; but this new system is - and it caters for text messages, photo, video, and everything else you might ever need. Their goal is to make messaging as simple as possible, allowing any developer to just "add it" to their apps and not have to worry about anything else.

... I sincerely hope they can do just that - because I'm tired of living in a connected world of disconnected networks!

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