Wednesday, December 4, 2013

USB will have reversible plug - like Apple's Lightining

Just admit it out loud: USB plugs are a pain to use. They might be ok if it's for something you connect only once (like a keyboard or mouse), but when you have to do it multiple times per day, like a USB memory sticks or a micro USB cable to charge your smartphone... Murphy's Law will ensure you'll try to push it thr wrong way 90% of the time, before reversing it and try the other way. Thankfully, it seems this will soon be a thing of the past, with the arrival of a new, reversible, USB plug.

Coming hand in hand with the new USB 3.1 revision, there will be a new USB Type-C plug - which willl allow us to simply plug it one way or the other (like the Lightning plug on Apple's devices). Yes, this will also mean you won't be able to use your existing cables and devices (though I'll assume there will be some kind of adapter available), but sometimes... it best just to assume there's no way to keep pushing forward without making a clean break with the past.

The only thing I'm worried about is if they don't thoroughly think about this new plug, and within a couple of years they'll once again be asking us to change to the new-new USB Type-D plug that will be "better/faster/easier" to use. If you're trying to do it right, then at least make it so we won't have to worry about new cables and plugs for the next decade.

Having said that... can't wait to finally get my hands on these new Type-C USB plugs, and laugh back at Murphy's face for not once again having to reverse a wrongfully placed plug. :)

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