Friday, December 20, 2013

Shazam for iPhone can now listen at all times

Shazam was - and still is - one of those apps you definitely need to have in your smartphone. At any moment you may hear one of those songs that you desperately need to find out who's from, and instead of letting it bug you for the rest of the day, you can simply pick up your smartphone, let it listen to it, and like magic there it is: all the info you need about that song (and not only songs, Shazam can also identify TV shows and live events).

But Murphy's law is always around, and even with this precious aid, it's likely than whenever you hear a song you want to identify and reach for your smartphone, the music will end taking you back to square one. On the iPad, Shazam has a very useful feature: it can be always listening in the background, immediately identifying whatever it can hear. And now - at last - that same feature has made its way to the iPhone version as well.

That means that you can have your iPhone keeping tabs on what you hear, even when you're running other apps or have it locked in your pocket.

... Now... if Shazam can do it; what is keeping Apple from bringing us an always listening Siri that can be activated by a simple voice command and free us from the button activation press? :)

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