Saturday, December 21, 2013

Google will start to enforce simple Chrome Extension policy

If you're using muti-use Chrome extensions, you may have to figure out a way to keep your current Chrome without updating, as Google will soon begin to enforce a policy that forces all Chrome extensions to be single-purpose simple extensions. Google reminds us that this policy - to keep Chrome extension's simple  - has been there right from the start, and that it has endured enough.

Some Chome extensions have grown and grown, becoming huge bloated monsters that can affect Chomes performance and stability. Extensions with bloated tool buttons/bars also go against the first principle of Chrome: it's ultra light interface that tries to get rid of all superfluous elements - contradicts having extensions that provide "spammy" buttons all over the place. The worse part is that even legitimate extensions that have decided to offer multiple features in the same extension might have to split into two (or more separate extensions), each with its own panel button.

I can understand why Google wants to keep everything in order in their Chrome Browser; but I think we're entering a slippery slope here. Today, they say they won't allow extensions that do more than one thing; who's to say that tomorrow they'll stop allowing every extension that performs "undesirable" actions (like, say: AdBlocker extensions).

... We'll have to wait till June to see which extensions will be the first to say goodbye (or be reformed to conform to Google's desires)...

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